Wider Information Set

At Bishop Grosseteste University, we are committed to making it easy for prospective and current students and the general public to access information about our University.

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) has specified the information that they expect higher education providers to make available online or by request. The following information forms part of what HEFCE has described as a Wider Information Set (WIS).

The wider information has two purposes:

  • To provide information about HE to a wide variety of audiences including: prospective and current students, students’ parents and advisers, employers, the media, and the institution itself;
  • To form part of the evidence used within quality assurance reviews.

Institutional information

Mission Statement
This page sets out Bishop Grosseteste University’s vision, mission, values and ethos.

Corporate Strategy
Sets out the direction and outlines the ambitions which will be achieved within the next five years.

Learning & Teaching Strategy
This information is located within the Policies Procedures, Regulations and Forms page of the University website.

Information on BGU’s partnerships with other institutions.
Code of Practice for Collaborative Provision

Employability statement
The statement is currently under revision and will be uploaded to the website shortly, please contact the Head of Careers, Employability and Enterprise (allison.lawrence@bishopg.ac.uk) for more information.

Gender Pay Gap – 2019
Report on BGU’s Gender Pay Gap, 2019.

Annual Report of the Remuneration Committee
Report on senior post-holders’ remuneration – February 2019.

Our Courses and Awards

Including, Foundation degrees, Undergraduate degrees, Postgraduate degrees, Masters Awards, Progression Routes, Doctoral Study and Short Courses.

Official website for comparing UK higher education course data.

On this page, you can either download a copy of the most recent prospectus straight away or request a hardcopy to be sent to you by filling out the electronic form.

Fees and Funding
Within the Tuition Fees pages you will have an overview of how much each course will cost you throughout your time at University. The Funding pages will take you through the many options available to support you with information about fees, loans and support, which will help to make the whole process a little easier to understand and ensuring you make the best financial decision.

Access Agreement
Sets out BGU’s fee limits and the access measures we intend to put in place e.g. outreach work and financial support. It is a technical, strategic document and so not the best place to find out what support you are entitled to or what fees you will be charged. If you’re looking for this kind of information, the best place to look is the fees and funding pages via the link above.

Information for Employers
Information for employers of foundation degree students.

Head Teachers and Mentors
These pages have been designed with employers and mentors of new teachers in mind. We offer a wide range of guidance and support for you and your new teacher.

How BGU works with businesses in the local community and beyond.

Academic Partners
Partner institutions with which we run programmes that result in Bishop Grosseteste University qualifications.

F1 Transparency Notice – 2019

Information on the quality and standards or programmes and processes for the management of quality standards

Procedures and outcomes for programme approval, monitoring and review
This information is located within the Policies, Procedures, Regulations and Forms page of the University website.

Further information is available externally on request from the Quality Assurance and Student Data department of the University (QASD@bishopg.ac.uk).

External Examining Procedures
The Code of Practice for External Examining and the Code of Practice for the Assessment of Students are available within the Policies, Procedures, Regulations and Forms page of the University website.

External Examiners Reports
This information is available externally on request.

Results of the internal student survey
The results of the Bishop Grosseteste University Student Satisfaction Survey (BGUSSS) is available upon request from the Head of Library Services, Emma Sansby (emma.sansby@bishopg.ac.uk).

Procedures and policies for student complaints, appeals and representations
The Code of Practice for Academic Appeals, the Admissions Complaints Procedure and the Student Complaints Procedure are all available within the Policies, Procedures, Regulations and Forms page of the University website.