For the class of 2020, Graduation has been delayed until July 2021.

When are the ticket packs sent out?
The ticket application packs will be sent out roughly one week before graduation and will be sent to the address you input when ordering your tickets

What happens at the ceremonies?
There will be an information booklet with your ticket pack. If you require information before this time, please contact the Events Office.

When will I receive my certificate?
For the class of 2020, you will be posted your certificate to your home address. For the class of 2021, you will be given your certificate at the ceremony. If you do not attend the ceremony your certificate will be posted to your home address approximately 2 weeks after the ceremony.

I am not bringing any guests to the ceremony; do I still have to book online?
If you are planning to attend the ceremony but not bringing any guests with you, you do still need to book online in order for a seat to be available for you in the Cathedral.

I am still waiting for my results; should I wait until they are published before submitting my ticket application?
No, you must submit your ticket application before the closing date even if you have not received your results or if you think you may not pass the course. If necessary refunds can be given after the graduation day. Late applications cannot be processed.

Do I have to pay for my ceremony ticket?
As the Graduand, you do not pay for your ticket to the ceremony. You will need to pay for any guests you bring to the ceremony.

Do I have to wear full academic dress?
You are required to wear full academic dress for the ceremony (gown, hood and mortarboard). This must be provided by and ordered in advance from Ede & Ravenscroft Ltd the University’s official gown hire company and authorised photographers. It is policy that only full outfits can be hired and price cannot be broken down.

Where do I order my robes and photography from? How much will it cost?
Robes are ordered online and all the information about ordering robes and photography is included on the Ede & Racenscroft Ltd website.

Where is the venue and how do I get there?
The ceremonies are held in Lincoln Cathedral, which is a short walk from the University. A Bus Service runs from outside the campus to the Lincoln Hotel (opposite the cathedral) every 20 minutes. A full information booklet with details and a timetable of the day will be sent out with your tickets.

What time do I need to be at the cathedral?
Guests and graduands are asked to be in their seats 30 minutes before the ceremony commences.

Can I bring children to the ceremony?
It is not recommended that young children are brought to the Graduation Ceremony as it is a long time for them to sit still. If you do want to bring a child, a ticket must be purchased for them when they are over 12 months old. Children are more than welcome at the Celebrations afterwards.

Will I be seated with my guests?
No, as the Graduand you will sit near the front of the Cathedral with the other students.

Are there wheelchair spaces available?
Wheelchair spaces are available. Please make it clear on your application form in the relevant section if you or your guests require wheelchair access.

Can I buy tickets on the day?
No, all tickets must be purchased in advance before the closing date.

What time do the ceremonies finish?
We expect each ceremony to last approximately an hour and a quarter.

Can I bring cameras and video cameras to the ceremonies?
Yes, but we ask for no flash photography or standing during the ceremony.

I am not attending the ceremony to graduate. Can my friend have my ticket?
No, we take into account the percentage of in absentia students (those who are not attending the ceremony) when calculating seat numbers available.

Can I buy extra tickets for the ceremony?
Extra ceremony tickets may be available but allocation will not be considered until ALL standard ticket requests have been processed. Please fill in the relevant section of your booking form.

Contact us

If you have any queries that aren’t answered here, please contact the Graduation Office on 01522 585635 or email Alternatively pop into the Graduation Office in the Applicant Centre.