Live ceremonies will be available to view below on this page. Completed ceremonies will also be available to view shortly after they have finished.

Update on 20/21 and 21/22 Ceremonies

Bishop Grosseteste University has taken the decision to cancel in-person graduation ceremonies between 19-22 July. The recent announcement from the Government did not provide a definitive confirmation that 19 July will be the date for the lifting of all remaining restrictions. In an attempt to clarify this position, the University sought the opinion of our local Public Health teams. This consultation showed that cases are rising across Lincolnshire, and that it would not be possible to hold an event of this nature as planned without causing a major risk of increased COVID cases. We have to put the safety of all those involved in the ceremonies first - this includes all our students, our staff and our wider local community.

We have investigated all alternative options to enable us to run an in-person event. Unfortunately, graduation ceremonies have not, as yet, been granted the same pilot status as sporting events and music festivals. Additionally, there are limited windows in the year when the Cathedral is available, particularly for multiple days in a row as graduation requires. Similarly, running a solely outdoor event is not possible due to the potential for wet weather.

We will be liaising closely with the Students’ Union throughout the process and are fully aware of the desire of students to have an in-person celebration. It is for this reason that the University has committed to running an event for all students who have been disappointed by this decision. The format of the event has yet to be decided but will be designed in conjunction with the Students’ Union. To ensure that your voice is heard please contact the Students’ Union and inform them of the kind of event you would hope for.

We fully appreciate that this is not the form of ceremony that any of us would have originally chosen. However this will give you the opportunity to celebrate your achievements with your friends and family safely.

Further updates will be emailed directly to Graduands and added to this page.