Pamela Bowell

Pamela Bowell is Visiting Reader in the Department of Culture and Creative Arts, where she also teaches on undergraduate programmes in drama. Pamela is internationally recognised as an authority on process drama and has an active research and publication interest in this field. She also engages in consultancy, staff development and project work relating drama as a pedagogical process and has served in a range of leadership roles nationally and internationally including ten years as Chair of National Drama – the UK’s leading association for drama teachers. She is also a regular workshop leader, presenter and keynote speaker at conferences and CPD events both in the UK and overseas. Before joining Bishop Grosseteste University in 2006, she was a secondary school drama teacher in the UK and Australia, a local authority advisory teacher and theatre in education actor/teacher and, for 20 years, subject leader in Drama in the School of Education, Kingston University.


Pamela contributes of the teaching of Applied Drama on undergraduate single and joint honours programmes in Drama. Her teaching interests include the pedagogy of process drama, the relationship between theatre and educational drama, drama as a cross-curricular learning process, teacher-in-role and the process of co-creativity.

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Pamela’s research background is in applied drama. Her current research interests include how and why children and young people learn through the drama process; the relationship between theory of mind and process drama; Dorothy Heathcote’s seminal principle of ‘internal coherence’ and the logic of drama; the dynamic nature of the teacher’s artistic and pedagogic decision-making in an evolving process drama. She has a long-standing research and publication collaboration with Brian Heap, Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts, University of the West Indies – Mona. Their writings are required texts in colleges and universities, worldwide. Pamela is also a very experienced and respected director of international conferences in the field of drama in education; most recently the National Drama International Conference 2013: Heathcote Reconsidered, University of Greenwich, London. Currently, she is Co-Editor of Drama Research: international journal of drama in education.

Pamela engages in a wide range of consultancy activities in the UK and overseas. She works with teachers and students in schools, local authorities, professional associations and universities exploring the ways in which drama provides a creative and compelling mechanism for learning and expression. She has a long-term relationship with 11 schools in the North Runnymede Learning Partnership, Surrey. Currently NRLP – using drama to raise the self-esteem, self-confidence and social skills of ‘invisible’ children. 2006 – 2008 International Research Consultant to the Norwegian national research project ‘Drama, Creativity and Arts Integration for Learning’, based at Stavanger University, Norway.

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