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Dr Yvonne Hill is a feminist ethnographer with a background in Sociology and a commitment to postgraduate teacher-development, interdisciplinary teaching and practitioner research. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Education at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln. Her previous post (2005-2012) was Director of Learning and Teaching in the school of Public Policy and Professional Practice at Keele University where she was also course leader for the PGCE in Social Science (Sociology, Psychology and Politics).

Dr Yvonne received a Certificate of Education and later an MA in the Sociology of Education from the Institute of Education, London. She has worked in primary and secondary education for a number of years before moving on to Senior Lecturer in Education Studies at universities in Manchester, Keele and Lincoln. She gained a doctorate in Gender and Education Management from the University of Keele (2008) which concerns mentoring and teachers’  ‘professional’ identities; it is based on sustained ethnography in schools. Alongside her academic work, she maintains an active involvement in feminist movements at the local level and is co-founder of a group of feminist academics in the university.



Dr Hill is passionate about teaching, and committed to emancipatory, student-centred and research-based education, inspired by critical and feminist pedagogies. She began her career in HE with co-authorship and validation of BA and MA programmes. Most notably researching and teaching in the area of Creative and Critical Practice in Education settings. Following this Dr Hill was awarded a Senior Fellowship in the Higher Education Academy and sustains a research interest in creative and critical pedagogies in higher education. She has also contributed to the design and teaching of international programmes and summer schools. As a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) she has been involved in pedagogical and curriculum review in the international and global context.

Dr Yvonne’s current research project is an ethnographic study in Higher Education. She is studying pedagogies of dissatisfaction and transformative learning that institutionally mediate concerns for high ratings in student satisfaction surveys.  Her particular interest is in examining how feminist scholarship and critical pedagogy is positioned within the curriculum to extend student engagement and enhancement on globalisation and the international development of education.  The project brings together her interest in the use of film and digital technologies to support and challenge students’ thinking and perceptions in HE. It analyses these dynamics through a combination of qualitative methods, including participant observation in a range of sites of academic work, interviews and critical discourse analysis of cultural text. She is currently on the University ethics Committee and the Research Committee involved in planning and implementing the Five year Research Strategy 2014-2019 and was responsible for leading a proposal for the research cluster in Public Policy and Professional Practice at BGU.

Dr Yvonne has significant experience of undergraduate and postgraduate supervision on a range of topics in Education and Sociology, and is enthusiastic about research-based learning and supporting students and emerging scholars as they develop their own ideas and projects. She has two successful completions of doctoral supervision these include a Professional Doctoral Theses, entitled:
June 2011, An Exploration into the Gendered Subjectivities of Male Trainee Teachers: Discourses of Masculine Identity at Work’, Keele University. (Second Supervisor)

Additionally a second thesis on Managing Change in Pupil Referral Units was awarded by Keele University (completed January 2015 – Leading Supervisor role).

There is also supervision in progress with an international PhD student from Turkey working on a study entitled: ‘Dangerous minds: the effects of promoting critical thinking and critical pedagogy in teaching English as a Foreign Language in Turkey’, Keele University (projected 2016 completion – First Supervisor)

At Bishop Grosseteste University Dr Hill is currently second supervisor to two students researching:

Empathy and Sympathy in Applied Theatre: developing the skills of the undergraduate student (Completion due in 2016)
Teacher Presence and Effectiveness (Completion due in 2017)

I am keen to work with doctoral candidates, visiting PhD students and visiting postdoctoral scholars studying education, gender, feminist theory and epistemology, feminist methodologies, ethnographic methods, youth, childhood, schools and higher education, and critical feminist pedagogy.

External Examination
PhD External Examiner: York University
Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Rural China (April 2015)
Currently External Examiner for:
Christ Church Canterbury University for MA in Education

Journal reviews
Therapeutic Communities: The International Journal of Therapeutic Communities
(Several papers on phenomenological methodology)
Key Publications

Recent Publications:
Prize-winner for ‘Most Promising Research Publication’ in Action Research sponsored by Taylor and Francis
Hill, Y. (2015) Critical Pedagogy and Critical Learners (work-in progress for Action Research Journal
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Hill, Y. (2002) Best Practice Research Scholarship (DFEE) website

Recent Conference papers:
Hill, Y. (2014) Critical Pedagogy and Critical Learners in Higher Education: an investigation into the effects on ‘student satisfaction’ surveys. International Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN), Newcastle November 2014
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