Dr W. Jack Rhoden

Teaching In my role as Lecturer I am responsible for designing and delivering a wide range of undergraduate modules, which include: ‘History of Identity: Sexuality, Class, Gender and Race’; ‘British Libraries, Museums and Archives: 1600-2000’; ‘The Atlantic World in the 17th and 18th Centuries’; ‘Britain’s Imperial and Colonial Past in the Long 19th Century’; and ‘The French Revolution: liberty, terror, warfare and the origins of modernity’; I also played a role in designing the BGU postgraduate Masters programme in ‘Social and Cultural History’ and lead several modules including: ‘Society and Culture in the Past: Theories, debates and discourse’ and ‘In need of a tonic? Examining the state of the nation at the Great Exhibition and the Festival of Britain’.

I am a historian working in the broad field of nineteenth-century European history. My particular specialism is the field of mid-19th century France, in particular the period of the Second Republic and Empire (1848-1870) and the figure of Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon III). My interest in this topic is largely focused on political and cultural history with my PhD thesis (2012) focusing on French political caricatures of Louis-Napoleon.

Since completing my PhD at the University of Sheffield, I have developed complementary research interests in nineteenth-century Britain, examining debates on democracy, representation and liberal government in Britain and France and their impact on the fluctuations of Anglo-French relations, particularly in the 1850s and 60s. I am a keen practitioner of transnational, interdisciplinary and comparative history in order to gain deeper insights into Anglo-French relations.

I had the fortune to undertake a post-doctoral research associate position based at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire (2012-13), wherein I completed an academic assessment of the research potential of its historic library collections. Arising from this work I have developed an interest in historic book collections, literary networks and book collecting in during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that runs parallel to my interests in more traditional political culture.

Ingrid Hanson, Wilfred Jack Rhoden and E. E. Snyder, (eds.) Poetry, Politics and Pictures: Culture and Identity in Europe, 1840-1914(Peter Lang, 2013), containing my ‘Introduction’ and chapter: ‘The Paradoxes of Republican Masculinity: French Political Caricature, 1866-1870’

‘Learning the lessons of Waterloo’, History Matters. A blog from the Department of History, University of Sheffield (June 2015) ‘Under cover: The Chatsworth Library Project’. A series of blog entries on the Chatsworth website (Dec 2012-July 2013) ‘French caricatures of the Franco-Prussian War and Commune at the British Library’, French Studies Library Group: Annual Review, Issue 6 (2009-10)

Review of The French Republic: History, Values, Debates, eds. Edward Berenson, Vincent Duclerc and Christophe Prochasson, French History, vol. 28, no. 2 (2014), pp. 269-270. Review of Drawing France: French Comics and the Republic, by Joel E. Vessels, French History, vol. 26, no. 1 (2012), pp. 128-129. Review of Sketches of the Nineteenth Century: European Journalism and its Physiologies, 1830–50, by Martina Lauster, French History, vol. 22, no. 3 (2008), pp. 362-364.

Open Access Assistant (University of Sheffield Library, 2015-2016) Assistant to the Book Review Editor of French History (Oxford University Press, 2011-2013) Co-organiser of ‘Poetry, Politics and Pictures in the Nineteenth Century’, a two-day international, interdisciplinary conference at the University of Sheffield (March, 2010)