Dr Kay Johnson

Kay joined BGU in 2018 and teaches on the BA in TESOL and Linguistics. She has worked in TESOL in the UK and overseas, and has taught EAP pre-sessional courses at the University of Nottingham. Her research background is as a linguistic ethnographer and she conducted fieldwork for her PhD in Vanuatu, in the South Pacific, which is the most linguistically-dense nation in the world. Kay’s research interests span topics within theoretical linguistics, sociolinguistics and applied linguistics, and has most recently worked with education sector partners in Vanuatu to increase their capacity for local language literacy in educational and community contexts. She has taught linguistics at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and worked as a Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of Kingston in London (2014-18). Kay gained her BA in French and English from the University of Liverpool and obtained an MA in Language Documentation and Description (2009), and a PhD in Field Linguistics (2014) from SOAS.