Dr Duncan Wright

Academic Staff & Senior Lecturer

School of Humanities

Duncan is Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, specialising in interdisciplinary studies of settlement, landscape and conflict. His work typically integrates documentary and topographic sources with archaeological evidence to reconstruct the evolution of sites and landscapes during the medieval period in particular. Duncan’s early medieval interests focus on the development of kingship, and the changing role of metalworkers detectable through the study of elite settlement complexes. He has also utilised the evidence from currently occupied settlements to trace the origins and development of the landscape, demonstrating the way in which royal and ecclesiastical authorities established their economic and ideological power.

After studying an MA in Medieval Archaeology at the University of York, Duncan worked as a Heritage Consultant for Wessex Archaeology before undertaking a doctorate at the University of Exeter. Following completion of his PhD, he worked on the University of Exeter research project Anarchy? War and Status in Twelfth-century Landscapes of Conflict. Funded by the Leverhulme Trust, the project was the first to utilise the full range of archaeological evidence to study the effect of the anarchy of King Stephen’s reign upon England’s landscape, and sheds new light on the conflict and its consequences for medieval society. In addition to his role at BGU, Duncan is an Honorary Research Fellow of the University of Exeter and Reviews Editor for the Society for Church Archaeology.



Duncan teaches archaeology elements of the undergraduate programme in History and Archaeology, as well as Masters programmes in Community Archaeology and Heritage Education.


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