Dr Claudia Capancioni

Claudia Capancioni is Programme Leader for English and teaches nineteenth-, twentieth- and twenty-first-century literature in modules such as History of Fiction, Literature and Identity and Reading Myths, Telling Stories. She previously taught Victorian literature and Modernism at the University of Hull where she was awarded her Ph.D.

Women’s writing is Claudia’s literary passion and the contribution of women writers to nineteenth-, twentieth- century and twenty-first-century literature is her research expertise. She specialises in fictional, autobiographical and travel writing, intergenerational intertextuality, adaptation, gender and translation studies. Claudia has also published and given keynotes and papers on detective fiction and Anglo-Italian literary and cultural relations connections from the Risorgimento to the Resistance and the present day (2012, 2007), Victorian women travel writers, British women travellers in Italy in the 1930s (2006) and Joyce Salvadori Lussu (2006). Her publications include translations into English of Italian literary texts (2005). As a postgraduate student, she was involved in and contributed to the ‘European Intertexts’ project, funded by the British Academy (2000-2004).

At present, she is working on the Victorian writer Margaret Collier (1859-1928), one of the three writers whose literary contribution she uncovered.

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