Dr Claire Hubbard-Hall

Dr Claire Hubbard-Hall is a historian with interests in Nazi Germany, The Second World War and Intelligence History. Teaching Claire delivers a range of undergraduate modules which include ‘In Dialogue: War & Commemoration’ and a final year special subject entitled ‘The Secret War’: Intelligence during the Second World War’. She also designed and teaches on BGU’s postgraduate Masters programme in ‘Social and Cultural History’. Claire holds a PGCE from the University of Northampton, and has been a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2009.

Claire specializes in the Third Reich with a particular focus on the Gestapo. Her doctoral research (University of Hull) on the Gestapo Spy Network 1933-45 addressed the debate concerning the nature of policing in Nazi Germany, which provided evidence that there was a regular presence of paid informers alongside denouncers, reinforcing the proactive nature of the Gestapo in repressing dissent. She is currently researching the expansion of Gestapo operations outside of Nazi Germany, starting with Gestapo spy activity in America. This forms part of a collaborative project ‘Landscapes of Intelligence in the Third Reich’ with Dr Adrian O’Sullivan (Canada) which seeks to explore the significance of geographic location and its influence on intelligence organization and operations during the Hitler years. Alongside this, Claire is pursuing research on the impact of the Second World War on the city of Lincoln, alongside RAF ‘Y’ Stations in Lincolnshire (1920s to post-WW2) with a focus on the special role they played in feeding Enigma transmissions to Bletchley Park. Longer term, Claire is developing her work more broadly on spies and society during the C20th by addressing the significance of ‘space’ in terms of points of encounter, connection and experience.

Claire has won a number of awards. These include:

  • George L. Mosse prize for the best article published in the Journal of Contemporary History 2009 by a previously unpublished author.
  • Scouloudi Research Award, Institute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Studies, University of London.
  • Fritz Halbers Fellow of the Leo Baeck Institute, New York.
Past Projects and Public Engagement Activities
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project 2016-17: ‘Sanitation, Sand & Shells: The War Diary of Corporal Alfred Cockburn (2nd London Sanitary Company, Royal Army Medical Corps)’. Principal investigator working in partnership with the Museum of Military Medicine. The project resulted in an exhibition held at the museum and an accompanying booklet can be downloaded from HERE
  • The Being Human Festival (November 2016). BGU lead on public events exploring ‘Watching through time: Surveillance, the State & civil liberties’.

Global War Studies – Editorial Advisory & Review Board member The Historical Association – Trustee and member of the Public History Committee The City of Lincoln Historical Association Branch – branch secretary The International Bomber Command Centre Programme Panel – member

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