Chris Jackson

Chris joined Bishop Grosseteste University in 2015 in time for the launch of the BA (Hons) Business (Team Entrepreneurship) degree. As a Senior Lecturer and Team Coach, Chris brings a lifetime’s experience not only in starting and running his own successful businesses, but over 20 years experience in providing hands-on business support to SME’s at grass-roots level as a fellow practitioner. He continues this work through his own organisation Jarra CIC (, a not-for-profit organisation, where he uses the Team Academy style methods to work with commercial and social organisations to help them to build resilience and foresight. Chris holds a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship from Durham Business School which he completed as a mature student as a way of ‘making sense’ of years of practical experience and has undergone extensive training in International Team Mastery in the UK and Europe. He is continually working to build stronger links with colleagues on an international level to increase opportunities for students at BGU.

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