Head Teachers & Mentors

We offer bespoke support to Head Teachers and Induction mentors. For more information on any of the following areas, please email the contact indicated below:


We can provide guidance on the transition from ITE to professional teaching and continued career development.

Continuing Professional Development for your Staff

There are many ways in which we can support the professional development of your staff, from Level 4 to Level 8.

For more information, please email beyondITE@bishopg.ac.uk.

Employing New Teachers for 2018-19?
Our former trainees have a Career Entry Passport which outlines their development profile. This can usually be met through accessing both the employer’s and Beyond ITE’s online provision. Some former trainees will also have a New-Teacher Development Plan, click here to view.

If you feel your new teacher might benefit from a more targeted Development Plan, please contact us to discuss.

Mentor Training

We can supply information on our provision, including any training opportunities, to equip and support mentors to the highest standards.

Our Mentoring and Coaching course is available to those who are supporting our current trainees or our NQTs. This practical two-day course will help you to further your skills of mentoring trainees and coaching other colleagues. This is free within the partnership.

If you are interested in attending, please email heather.popple@bishopg.ac.uk to book your place.


You can receive information on a range of partnership options. For more information, please visit our Partnership in ITE pages.

Contact Us

Please contact our team for more information and to see how we can help you in your teaching journey on beyondite@bishopg.ac.uk.

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