Studying Archaeology is ideal if you’re fascinated by both the ancient and more recent past and if you want to explore and investigate the material remains of previous societies and cultures. It will allow you to get ‘hands-on’ with the past and explore civilisations and people from throughout history, in a practical and interesting way.

The Archaeology and History community at BGU is a vibrant community of staff and students. Our research ranges from Prehistory to the present day, from Britain to Europe and further afield.

Our Research

The Archaeology Team supports a series of interdisciplinary research themes ranging from conflict archaeology to field archaeology.

Research Projects

Since the Archaeology Team were established, our staff have engaged in a wide range of research projects. Some of the highlights are listed below:

Field Work

At BGU, we think fieldwork is an important part of your archaeology degree. Our team have run a wide variety of field schools and training excavations ranging from Roman villas to Second World War airfields.