Charitable Status

Charitable Status

From the 1 August 2019, Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) became an incorporated company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.  Prior this date and since its inception, the University had been an unincorporated association.

As the University remains a Charitable organisation, it is regulated by the Charities Commission (in addition to the University-specific regulation from government agencies, notably the Office for Students, to which the University is subject). University Council members are the managing trustees of BGU and also the Directors of the incorporated entity.

The University has no linked charities and its charitable objectives are to provide the services of education/training young people and the general public. It does this through the teaching of a diverse curriculum and by educating a broad range of students. Its students and potential students are the principal beneficiaries.

Legal name and correspondence address:

Bishop Grosseteste University
Longdales Road


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