Virginia Coram set to take products to national markets

Company background

Virginia Coram, based in Friskney near Boston, is a manufacturer of high-quality, natural bath, body and skincare. Using only natural oils for the basis of their products, Virginia Coram caters for all types of skin and sensitivities.

What opportunity was offered?

When Caroline, founder and director of Virginia Coram, began making soaps back in 2012, she decided to keep every ingredient natural, and use traditional methods of manufacture, contrary to many other businesses in the market. Whilst her early soaps were given as Christmas gifts, there were the beginnings of a business venture emerging. But Caroline was finding it difficult to access additional support to help her business develop. With significant interest in her product, the need to seek expert support for her business became more crucial. It wasn’t until Caroline received an email promoting a funding event that she was able to find the help she was searching for. At the meeting in Woodhall Spa, Caroline  found a room full of people eager to help her business to grow.

A member of the Business Inspiration team made a particular impression, and Caroline arranged a meeting to discuss how the programme could help her.

How did Business Inspiration help?

Business Inspiration were able to walk Caroline through the paperwork involved in business planning, helping to create a mini business plan to assess the pitfalls and the positives of the business. Following the meeting, Caroline was directed towards the Business Inspiration Specialist Consultancy grant. For Caroline, the funding helped to cover the cost of commissioning a search engine optimisation company to make changes to her website, photography support, copywriting and design services. With this specialist assistance available, as part of the Specialist Consultancy grant, Caroline was able to rebrand Virginia Coram to shift the focus from local to national, extending its appeal across county borders. With a new website promoted effectively using SEO and a press release to help promote her business in wider media, Caroline is now confident about moving her business forward.

What impact has this had on the business?

Following the advice and support offered by Business Inspiration, Virginia Coram was able to successfully rebrand, and aims to market the products to larger businesses. The support from the team allowed Caroline to PET test her product so that she could demonstrate that it met microorganism reduction standards. Now, Caroline is keen to see her products being selected and sold by retailers of all sizes across the whole of the UK.

What would you say to others looking to access the programme?

Speaking of the Business Inspiration programme, Caroline said:

I’m looking forward to seeing my business reach new heights, which I wouldn’t have thought possible before seeking the support of the programme. The funding that we received covered the rebrand and marketing planning, from many different angles and the support was so comprehensive and worthwhile.

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