Makaton is a language programme used worldwide by children and adults. It uses signs and symbols as both a main method of communication and as a way of supporting speech.

About the Course

Choose from One Day Introduction Courses, Two Day Foundation Courses or Three Day Enhancement Courses. Makaton uses both signs and symbols as a method of communication and is used worldwide.

We think the best way to learn is to attend a workshop – you learn with other people, share your experiences, receive feedback on your signing and symbol work, and you can practice with others. It also gives you the opportunity to meet and build a relationship with a Makaton Tutor, who can help and support you in the future.

Course options

  • One day Induction Course – acquire basic signing skills from stages 1-4, including colours, days of the week and the alphabet. Learn to use your signs within structured sentences (BGU attendance certificate on completion)
  • Two day Foundation Course – learn signs and symbols from stages 1-4, plus additional core vocabulary. Includes all manuals, and pocket books of signs and symbols (internatioanlly recognised Makaton certificate on completion)
  • Three day Enhancement Course – enhancing skills acquired through the Foundation course. Learn signs and symbols from stages 5-8. Includes all manuals and pocketbooks of signs and symbols (internationally recognised Makaton certificate on completion)

Key facts: One Day Introduction Course

  • Dates: Friday 31st January 2020, Monday 27th April 2020
  • Price: £70pp
  • Duration: 1 day (9:30am – 4:00pm)
  • Certificate: Attendance

Key facts: Two Day Foundation Course

  • Dates: Monday 30th September – Tuesday 1st October 2019, Wednesday 4th – Thursday 5th of December 2019, Thursday 12th – Friday 13th March 2020, Tuesday 12th – Wednesday 13th May 2020
  • Price: £180pp
  • Duration: 2 days (9:30am – 4:00pm)
  • Certificate: Makaton certificate

Key facts: Three Day Enhancement Course

  • Dates: Wednesday 5th – Friday 7th February 2020, Monday 6th – Wednesday 8th July 2020
  • Price: £250pp
  • Duration: 3 days (9:30am – 4:00pm)
  • Certificate: Makaton certificate

Discount: Save £40 when you book a Foundation and Enhancement course together

Attendance on the introduction course is not required to complete the foundation course, however, to complete the enhancement course you need to have attended and passed the foundation course.

You can book a place on this course via our online shop. Alternatively, you can email