We are proud to be able to offer over £300,000 worth of scholarships and bursaries designed to change lives by breaking down the barriers between you and a future in Higher Education.

These scholarships are open to people from a wide array of backgrounds so we know you’ll find the one to help you live your dreams. Then, once you’ve accepted an offer from us for one of our undergraduate courses, our Admissions Team will help you start your application process.

Academics of the Future Scholarships

The Academics of the Future Scholarships are awarded by the Vice-Chancellor to recognise excellent attainment prior to studying higher education and provide a platform to those who would like to undertake additional academic study, in order to explore futures as lecturers, researchers or teachers, after completing their undergraduate degree.

In order to support students to follow these pathways, this scholarship provides full funding for the final year of their first degree.


To apply for the scholarship you must have achieved or be predicted to achieve ABB or equivalent prior to starting your degree. You must also have firm accepted a place on an undergraduate programme at BGU with an existing full-time MA progression route.

Once you have received official confirmation of your grades you will be eligible to qualify for the scholarship.

10 scholarships available

Academics of the Future

Course options for this scholarship include

  • Health & Social Care
  • History
  • English Literature
  • Theology

Course options for this scholarship include

£9250 fee waiver for the final year of undergraduate study

Higher Education For All Scholarships

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The Higher Education For All Scholarships form part of BGU’s Widening Participation initiatives and implement the University’s promise to make Higher Education open to all, regardless of means or background.

The awards are designed to open doors to students who might have previously found higher education inaccessible by providing a partial fee waiver for every year of their study at BGU.


Applicants to the scholarship programme must complete a personal statement in support of their application. The scholarship will be granted by the Dean of Faculty.

20 scholarships available

The scholarship application process is competitive and BGU reserve the right to not grant scholarships to those with the above criteria if the statement is not of the required quality.

The scholarships are available for those who have firm accepted offers on one of the following subjects. This list includes all joint options:

  • Archaeology
  • Business
  • Counselling
  • Drama
  • Education Studies
  • English Literature
  • Geography
  • Health & Social Care
  • History
  • Military History
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusion
  • Sport
  • Theology and Ethics in Society

What is Widening Participation?

Traditionally, the term “widening participation” refers to raising the aspirations and attainment of people from backgrounds that are under-represented at university. The aim behind widening participation is to ensure that student bodies at universities reflect the diversity represented in wider society.

Groups of people who may be targeted in the drive to widen participation include:

  • Young people from low-income backgrounds
  • Young people from an ethnic minority
  • Young people from low-participation neighbourhoods (where very few people go on to higher education)
  • Young people whose parents did not go to university
  • Young people in or leaving care
  • Young people living with a disability
  • Those returning to learning as mature students.

People who fall into one or more of these categories are statistically less likely to go on to higher education. Widening participation initiatives seek to address this disparity by offering support to those facing barriers to higher education.

Scholarship awarded

£3,000 fee waiver per year of study

Leavers of Care Scholarship

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BGU understands the financial challenges faced by applicants looking to succeed in Higher Education after leaving care and want to ensure that anyone in these circumstances is able access university.

The Leavers of Care Scholarship is designed to support applicants with additional support and living costs by providing a fee waiver for the final year of study.


To qualify for this award you must be recognised by the local authority as a care leaver. Proof of this will be required by BGU.

You must also have firm accepted a place on a Foundation or Undergraduate programme at BGU.

20 awards available

Scholarship awarded

£9250 fee waiver for the final year of undergraduate study

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Further Bursaries

BGU also offers a number of special bursaries providing support to undergraduate estranged students, carers, care leavers, student parents, and mature entrants.

To find out more information on these and how they can support you click here.

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While we offer this range of scholarships we cannot guarantee that your application for one will be successful. However we will always do everything we can to support our students and our Student Advice Team can provide information on an additional range of bursary and funding options in the event that your application is unsuccessful.

You can find more information on the support available from our Student Advice Team by visiting our Student Advice web pages.