Given the global circumstances right now, we feel that it’s only fair that your university journey shouldn’t be affected by events outside of your control.

We have compiled some frequently asked questions to help answer some of the queries that you may have regarding the current situation that we are all finding ourselves in.

We want you to know that we are here to help, and if you don’t find the answer that you are looking for here, please do not hesitate to contact any of our support services using the contact details at the bottom of this page.


  • My chosen course requires an interview. How will this be addressed in light of the current situation?

    Since we are currently unable to conduct on-campus interviews, we have moved to conducting remote interviews through Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a platform that allows our academics to schedule an interview slot with you on your interview day, and allows them to correspond with you via video call. You don’t need to download anything, and it is really simple to use! You will receive an email inviting you to book onto an interview date and once booked, you will receive an Eventbrite confirmation email which will give you full details of the day and what to expect.

    My Offer

    • Will I receive an offer letter via post?

    As the Admissions Team are currently working away from campus, we are unable to send offer letters by post, however you will still receive a PDF version of your offer letter via email. Your offer letter will contain your Student ID number which will stay with you throughout your time at BGU so please do keep this safe.

    • How do I accept my undergraduate course offer with BGU via UCAS?

    All undergraduate course offers received through UCAS need to be replied to before an offer is officially accepted and you have chosen a University as your firm choice. When you log into UCAS, if you go to the ‘your choices’ section in Track, you should see a ‘reply to your offers’ button. You simply need to click the ‘reply to your offers’ button, and then select BGU as your firm choice University (you will also be able to choose an insurance choice if you are eligible).

    If you don’t have the ‘reply to your offers’ button, this is usually because you haven’t had a decision from all of your choices yet. However, if you’re ready to reply and don’t want to wait for the other choices to decide, you can choose to cancel them. To do this, click on ‘view’ for each outstanding choice and then you’ll have the option to ‘permanently withdraw from this choice.’ Once you’ve done this, the ‘reply to offers’ button will be available in the ‘Your choices’ section of Track.

    Alternatively, UCAS can also accept offers on your behalf, you will just need to give them a call on 0371 468 0468 and have your personal ID number to hand. UCAS do provide a really useful video on how to accept your offer, and this can be found here.

    • My undergraduate course offer recently changed to unconditional, what does this mean?

    An unconditional offer does mean that your place here at Bishop Grosseteste University is confirmed for September. We want all of our applicants to have the best experience of transitioning into University life which is why we wanted to give our applicant’s assurance that their place at BGU was secure by updating their offer to unconditional. The main thing that we want our applicants to focus on right now is keeping safe and trying to remain positive.

    • Do I need to finish my current studies if my offer changed to unconditional?

    We do understand that given the global circumstances right now, this makes studying more difficult, however, we would encourage our applicants who are worried about completing their current studies, to speak with their tutors frequently to ensure that they are getting the support that they need whilst away from campus. We would always strongly encourage applicants to continue to work hard towards finishing their current qualification, as completing them to the best of their ability will put them in good stead for progressing onto Level 4 study and will make the step to University a lot easier.


    • How do I provide evidence to you of my qualifications?

    If you have already achieved your qualifications, you may need to show evidence of this to us to meet the conditions of your offer. As we are away from campus at the moment we would not encourage you to send any documents via post at this current time. Please send required documents via email to either as a scan or clear photograph.

    • Can I still apply for Student Finance?

    Yes, you can still make an application to student finance as you usually would in normal circumstances. We encourage you to start this process as soon as you are able to, to ensure that your finances are available to you in September. If you are having any issues with the application itself, or are not sure what you are entitled to, you can contact our Student Advice Team who are the experts in funding by emailing them at

    • I was told that I would be sent the link to complete a DBS check when I made BGU my firm choice. When will I receive this?

    DBS emails are usually sent two working days after you have made BGU your firm choice. This email will explain various ways in which you can meet the DBS condition of your offer. The DBS process in itself takes around 2-6 weeks to complete at the most, therefore applicants will still have plenty of time to complete this before September.

    • When will I receive information on how to complete my Health and Physical Capacity to Teach assessment?

    Much like the DBS information, you will be sent a link to complete the Health and Physical Capacity to Teach online assessment within two working days of you making BGU your firm choice. All of our health forms are assessed confidentially through Lincoln County Hospital.

    • Can I still apply for accommodation?

    Once you have made BGU your firm choice, you will receive a link to register your accommodation preferences. You will need your Student ID number to do this, so please ensure that you have this to hand (this can be found on your offer letter).

    • How do I evidence my GCSE certificates and what are my options if I don’t have these?

    For applicants who have already achieved the GCSEs but do not have certificates, BGU are trying to be as flexible as possible for applicants who struggle to evidence GCSE attainment, whilst ensuring compliance with DfE and Ofsted requirements. If you are in this situation, then we would initially encourage you to contact the appropriate exam board to get a certified copy of the certificate.

    BGU will also accept emails received direct from an applicant’s school or college where they undertook the GCSE qualifications.

    If an applicant is unable to evidence their qualification in either of the above methods, they would be asked to complete an equivalency test. All accepted equivalents are detailed on the BGU website and are assessed for breadth and depth of subject knowledge. For more information please click here.

    BGU will NOT accept provisional statements of results received by a student on their results day as these normally state that results are not yet confirmed.

    For applicants who have exhausted all of the options outlined in this email and are still unable to obtain GCSE evidence, the DfE have introduced a deadline of the 30 November 2020 for GCSE conditions to be evidenced. To ensure that applicants fully understand that the condition must still be met satisfactorily by this date, BGU will be initiating a new form for September 2020 entry which will outline the requirements of meeting this condition.

    Here's how to meet your GCSE condition:

    You have already achieved your GCSE (or BGU recognised equivalent) at grade 4/C or above

    • Provide the Admissions Team with your original GCSE certificate(s) via a scan or clear photograph to
    • Provide the Admissions Team with your original results confirmation from a recognised Equivalency Test via a scan or clear photograph to

    You have already achieved your GCSE (or BGU recognised equivalent) at grade 4/C or above but do not have your original certificate

    • Contact the relevant exam board to request a certified copy of your certificate(s)
    • Contact the school or college where you undertook your qualification and ask them to confirm your results, via email, direct to the Admissions Team ( We cannot accept a forwarded email from yourself.
    • Undertake a BGU recognised equivalency test – full details of all of the qualifications that BGU will accept as equivalent qualifications can be found on the BGU website by following this link.

    Interim measures for September 2020 entry due to COVID-19 Pandemic

    • Contact the relevant exam board to request an ‘Electronic Letter of Confirmation’ (please check the exam board to see if they offer this service). You may be required to enter a nominated contact at the University, if so, please enter Andrew Carr, Admissions Manager, and use the Admissions email address. The Electronic Letter of Confirmation is then emailed directly to Admissions for verification purposes only.


    • Will the course start date still be September?

    We are currently working on the basis that we are still able to enrol all of our students in September. If this does change, then we will communicate this to all of our applicants as soon as we have more information. For now, we would encourage you to plan as normal for enrolment in September.

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