BGU expects its students, staff and visitors to behave responsibly and respectfully to each other and to abide by its various regulations and codes of conduct. This webpage brings together our key Codes of Practice and policies to provide:

  • Information on what is inappropriate behaviour and misconduct including potentially criminal behaviour;
  • guidance on how to report such behaviour; and
  • the actions the University will take and the support it can provide.

Codes of Practice

Outlined below are the key Codes of Practices and policies of the University which relate to inappropriate behaviour and misconduct:

The Student Charter – summarises what students can expect of the University and what the University expects of its students as part of our community.

The Student Disciplinary Procedure – sets out examples of misconduct, the procedures for reporting, investigating and determining whether disciplinary offences have taken place and indicative penalties.

Prevention of Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy - this policy for students, staff and visitors sets out definitions of bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct, processes of informal disclosure and formal reporting; the support provided by the University and the measures to be taken by the University. For further information, advice and support please go here.

Prevent Statutory Duty Policy - This policy sets out the University’s response to the Prevent statutory duty, introduced in September 2015. It outlines the University’s commitment to preventing students from being radicalised and/or drawn into terrorism. For further information, advice and support please go here.

Safeguarding Children and at-risk Adults Policy - This Policy sets out the procedures to be followed ensuring the safeguarding of children and at-risk adults at Bishop Grosseteste University and includes definitions, roles and responsibilities, reporting concerns and guidance on minimising risk.