Pippa Jagger
National Priority Coordinator (Mathematics)
School of Teacher Development

National Priority Coordinator (Mathematics)


Pippa taught in primary schools as a subject leader for mathematics and also supported colleagues in a range of schools as an Advanced Skills Teacher for mathematics, before going into Higher Education at Bishop Grosseteste University. Her current role is the National Priority Coordinator for Mathematics. She is also a tutor on the Primary PGCE programme, jointly leading the Learning and Teaching Module for this course.

Research and other experience

Prior to her involvement in education, Pippa worked in research laboratories in the field of molecular biology in Cambridge and in Leeds and later moved on to become a Clinical Research Associate for a Surrey-based Consultancy. Having volunteered as a Parent Governor in a primary school she subsequently completed a PGCE. She is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has completed a Postgraduate Certificate of Professional Studies in Education.


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