Jean MacIntyre
Head of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange
Academic Engagement

Head of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange

Jean MacIntyre is responsible for developing innovative third stream projects that extend Bishop Grosseteste University’s global and local contribution. She is also responsible for exploring opportunities for new aspects of the portfolio. Jean teaches Heritage Studies and History on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Jean is a design historian with a particular interest in museum design and collections interpretation and this is one area where she is engaged in research. She works with a wide range of bodies within the community including the heritage, education and arts sector. Jean has extensive previous experience within education, social services and industry; she joined the University College in 1998.


Jean teaches Heritage Studies and History on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. She is particularly interested in providing new students with an overview of all the aspects of heritage they will explore during their studies. Jean is a placement manager at both BA and MA level for Heritage Studies and is responsible for ensuring that students gain suitable experience in their chosen field. As such, she is responsible for many of the live projects that involve meeting real challenges within the heritage sector.


Jean is currently focusing on how to encourage the cross fertilisation of ideas in international museums interpretation projects for undergraduates. Her other research interests include site specific heritage performance and how an understanding of chronology develops in different models of undergraduate degrees in history and heritage.

Consultancy and projects

Jean is an East Midlands Committee member for Heritage Lottery Funding East Midlands. In this role she helps to improve conservation, and participation and learning at heritage sites throughout the East Midlands by giving grants and advice.

Jean has a management role in Bishop Grosseteste University projects including:

  • International summer schools;
  • The Sandford Award for Excellence in Heritage Education;
  • Digitisation services;
  • Archaeological activities and services;
  • CPD for schools and colleges.