Antony Luby
Senior Lecturer
School of Teacher Development

Senior Lecturer

Antony Luby currently teaches on the MA in Education programme and also contributes to the PGCE Secondary course. Antony joined Bishop Grosseteste University in August 2014 and is currently studying part-time for a PhD at the University of Glasgow. Antony has a background as an active teacher-researcher and this was recognised by the Research Excellence Framework 2014 when he served as a research impact assessor. He guest edited a special issue of Education Today journal on the theme practitioner enquiry. Antony has been awarded Masters’ degrees from Oxford University (MSc Learning & Teaching – distinction); Aberdeen University (MTh Catholic Studies – commendation); and Strathclyde University (MPhil dissertation Democracy and the Classroom).  He is a Fellow of The College of Teaching and a Chartered Teacher; and he taught religious, moral and philosophical education extensively in secondary schools for thirty years.


Antony’s PhD research focuses on the response of the Catholic Church to secularisation.  He examines a three realm model (i.e. sacred, secular and profane) for the creation of a post-secular society. Antony advocates a Dominican Thomist pedagogy to strengthen the secular realm in order to create a post-secular society. The fieldwork for this research focuses on the development of dialogic skills in religious education for secondary school students with regard to cumulative talk and exploratory talk. Antony recently presented papers on this topic at the annual conferences of the Association of University Lecturers in Religion and Education (AULRE) in London, September 2015; the Scottish Educational Research Association (SERA) in Aberdeen, November 2015; and the international conference Christian Faith, Formation and Education, Liverpool, June 2016

Methodologically, he is developing an approach based on professional conversations and Antony will present papers regarding this at two forthcoming conferences – Collaborative Action Research Network (Lincoln) and Cambridge Primary Review Trust (London).

Consultancy and Projects

Antony is developing a regional network for action research with Teaching School Alliances and schools in Humberside, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. He recently organized a highly successful regional conference ‘Evidence-based Approaches to Closing the Gap’ that was held at Bishop Grosseteste University. Antony is a member of the editorial board for the academic journal Education Today produced by The College of Teaching. In the past he has been seconded by Universities Scotland / Higher Education Staff Development Agency / Scottish Higher Education Funding Council as the principal investigator for the national project Accreditation System for the Professional Development of Academic Staff in Higher Education. His subsequent paper ‘Accrediting teaching in higher education: voices crying in the wilderness!’ for the journal Quality Assurance in Education received 2000 Award for Excellence from the Literati Club as the ‘Outstanding Paper’. Antony later served as a Research Fellow for the Learners, Learning and Teaching Network of the Applied Educational Research Scheme: a five year programme funded by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council.

Recent Publications (last 5 years)

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