Tuition Fees

Tuition fee increases:                                       All tuition fees will usually be subject to annual increases, subject to the maximum fee chargeable according to the tuition fee cap set by OFFA. BGU reserves the right to review its fees for students continuing to study a programme during 2017-18 and beyond within the limits set by OFFA. The tuition fee will not usually remain the same for each year of study unless it is limited by the fee cap, e.g. if the fee cap were to increase by £500, tuition fees may increase by an amount equivalent to or less than £500.  

Since 2012 institutions such as BGU no longer receive direct funding from the Government. Instead, universities are required to charge students tuition fees, with individual institutions setting fees of varying levels, up to an agreed yearly maximum.

The following tables show our tuition fees, split by category of programme, study method and year of entry.

The fees for September 2017 entry are shown highlighted in lilac, with fees for students whose courses started in previous years given below (for returning or existing students).


  1. Foundation Degrees  
 Year of Study              UK/EU "Home" Students
Full-time Tuition 
Part Time Tuition Fee per
30 Credit module
 2017/18 £6,935 £1,734.50


  2.  BA/BSc (Hons) Degrees (including direct progression from FdA to BA/BSc (Hons) 'Progression Routes'**) 

Year of Study                               UK/EU 'Home' Students          International Students
  Full-time Tuition Fee Part-time Tuition Fee per 20 credit module Part-time Tuition Fee per 30 credit module Full-time Tuition Fee
 2017/18  £9,250  £1,542  £2,313  £11,500

NOTE: UK/EU 'Home' students studying BA/BSc (Hons) 'Progression Routes' are subject to the tuition fees for the year of entry onto their lower qualification (e.g. FdA) where, disregarding any intervening vacation, they progress directly onto a BA/BSc (Hons) programme. In cases where the gap between courses is longer than the vacation or where the students changes mode of study (i.e. from part-time to full-time) the relevant year of entry will be the year the BA/BSc (Hons) 'Progression Route' commences.

 3.  PGCE Programmes    
 3.1 PGCE Primary and Secondary Programmes (including Non-salaried School Direct)

Year of Study        UK/EU 'Home' Students  International Students
  Full-time Tuition Fee

Part-time Tuition Fee (Year 1)

Part-time Tuition Fee (Year 2)

Full-time Tuition Fee
 2017/18  £9,250  £6,475  £2,775  £12,500


 3.2 PGCE EYTS Graduate Entry Route       

 Year of Study                                UK/EU 'Home' Students  International Students 
  Full-time Tuition Fee Part-time Tuition Fee (Year 1) Part-time Tuition Fee (Year 2) Full-time Tuition Fee
 2017/18  £7,000*   -   -  £12,500

*subject to confirmation of the tuition fee for 2017/18, as set by the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL)

 3.3 PGCE Assessment Only Programmes

Year of Study                                                UK/EU 'Home' Students  
  Assessment Only PGCE Primary and
Secondary Tuition Fee
Assessment Only PGCE EYTS 
Tuition Fee
 2017/18  £1,757  £1,600


 4. Postgraduate Taught Programmes


Year of Study                       UK/EU 'Home' Students  International Students
  Full-time Tuition Fee  Part-time Tuition Fee 
Per 30 credit module
Full-time Tuition Fee
 2017/18  £7,020*  £1,170*  £12,500**

*20% discount available for those with a 1st or 2:1 degree classification. 30% discount available for BGU alumni. Only 1 discount available per person. Email for more information   

**£2,000 international scholarship available. Successful discounts will be awarded on information contained within the personal statement. An awarding panel will be drawn from senior members of the institution. For more information, email

  5.  Doctoral Programmes  

  5.1 EdD Programmes

Year of Study                                  UK/EU 'Home' Students International Students
   Part-time Tuition Fee  Part-time Tuition Fee (internal candidate) Full-time Tuition Fee
 2017/18  £2,750  £1,500   -


  5.2 PhD Programmes

Year of Study                                  UK/EU 'Home' Students International Students
   Full-time Tuition Fee Part-time Tuition Fee Part-time Tuition Fee (internal candidate) Full-time Tuition Fee
 2017/18  £4,121  £2,061  £1,500  £13,105*

*With the exception of PhD study in Biosciences and Psychology, where fees will be £17,465. Fees for research degrees in these subjects vary according to the nature of the research project to be undertaken. The applicable fee will be determined at the point an offer of admission is made and will be stated in the offer letter.

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