What Our Students Say



For my first year, I stayed at Constance Stewart Hall and it was a great way to meet friends. This year I am in a house share with people from my first year halls and it is great knowing we have started this journey together.
Megan, Second year student  


For my first year I stayed in Wickham Hall. It was great to have my own space along with the living space to socialise in. There's plenty of room to get to know each other.
Holly, Third year student


 I'm staying in Crosstrend House, which is about 5 minutes walk from BGU. The best part about it is that you can become independant and you are so near to both the city centre and uni.
Luke, Third year student 


I was living in Constance Stewart Hall and I loved how there were so many people down the corridor to talk to. You could always go talk to a friend if you were feeling homesick or just wanted to have a quiet night in.
Rebecca, Second year student


Being a BGU Student


Being a student at BGU means feeling part of community that values you for who you are - a unique individual.
Arran, Graduate


I'm confident I'll reach my ideal career because there are so many support systems in place to help achieve your goals.
Maisie, Graduate

  The support I have experienced is excellent. All staff are willing to help whenever it is needed. For example, my tutor will respond to emails almost any time of the day.
Jack, Second year student


Prepare for a life-changing experience that will broaden your view and expand your knowledge.
Jonathan, PGCE Graduate


The atmosphere is so chilled - it's not a daunting university with big buildings - it's so calm and welcoming.
Harriet, Third year student


Thank you for giving a mature student the chance to shine! I turn 40 next year and really feel life can begin at 40.
Sharon, Second year student
  The support I have recieved has been fantastic. As a hearing impaired postgraduate student, I was worried about how I would be supported in lectures and on placement. The Student Advice team made sure that everyone was aware and that anything I may need academically or professionally would be available if I needed it.  
Michaela, PGCE Graduate
  The university is so homely and easy to fit into. Everyone is lovely and there are plenty of resources.
Holly, Third year student


The support I've recieved has been really good as I had a tough time in my second year due to family issues and BGU was there for me.
 Katie, Graduate
The atmosphere and the feel of the place is great - everyone is made to feel welcome regardless of age, studies and interests.
Tom, Second year student


BGU Opportunities


There are too many great things I love about BGU. But if I had to pick one, I would have to say it would be being a member of STAMP. You get to help out at different events, everyone is friendly and welcoming and it has built up my confidence.
Francesca, Third year student


BGU run an employability and volunteering award, which has inspired me to go and volunteer more. I have volunteered in a local charity shop and hope to do more this year.
Amber, Third year student


The trips abroad BGU have on offer inspired me to organise my own for 2015. I will be working in Thailand and Cambodia teaching English at a primary school and orphanage.
Harriet, Third year student




The best part of BGU's campus has to be the Students' Union. All the staff there are so welcoming and friendly, will help you with any problems and can give you some good advice.
Luke, Third year student  


The best thing about being a student at BGU is the social aspect of the halls, the Students' Union, Refectory and Curiositea.
Jonah, Second year student


 Everyone is so friendly and helpful, from tutors to library staff, catering staff to the gardeners (who do an amazing job). What a beautiful environment for us to work in.
Jane, MA in Education student


I like to go to the chaplaincy events. I am not religious but that doesn't matter because the chaplaincy offers a wide range of activities. I like going to tea and toast, where you can get hot drinks and some toast for free. Plus it's a good way to have a catch-up with friends. I also like the chaplaincy day trips. I went on one last year - the transport was free and it was a good day out.
Amber, Third year student


Our Courses


The courses here can be tailored somewhat to your own interests and will challenge you and your perceptions on your own learning. It is definitely a good decision to have come to study here and I would encourage any other mature students to do so.
Tom, Second year student 



The best thing about the teaching staff is their clear passion and knowledge of the subject, their helpful attitude and their ability to open up questions ready for further analysis.
Katie, Second year student


The non-stop energy of the tutors and staff is just brilliant - they are always willing to help.
Melanie, Graduate



It is great to know that I will come out of BGU with a degree from a well-recongised and respected university.
Iain, Third year student


There is such a level of challenge within my studies and I love having the opportunity to have academic conversations with like-minded people.
Matthew, Doctorate in Education student 


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