Student Life

Welcome to life at BGU.

You might have picked your perfect course but now you need to know that you have picked the perfect university. This section will take you through everything you need to know about becoming a student here at BGU. Read on and discover your natural habitiat at BGU


Living at BGU 

Moving away from home to begin your studies can be a big step but here at BGU, we ensure that your move will be as easy and as hassle free as possible. Our self-contained campus is the perfect place for new students to begin their time with us. We have over 200 rooms on-campus, exclusive BGU off-campus accommodation just 5 minutes away from the university and links with external companies who specialise in student accommodation. Where ever you choose to stay, we guarantee you'll be happy and well looked after. Click here for more about our accommodation and prices as well as important and useful information and guidance.

Lincoln is a unique city and has matured into a thriving cultural hotspot of old and new, historic and contemporary, traditional and cutting edge. It's also incredibly student friendly, with students making up a significant proportion of the population of the city. You can be sure that when you arrive here, you'll be in good company. Click here to discover more about our city of Lincoln.


Library Services

 Our Library is located in the newly renovated Cornerstone building and is a truly communal space where students from all programmes and years come to study, gather information, and seek support and advice from our trained information professionals. There are a number of resources, collections and databases for you to use as well as a number of study suites, computer rooms and technologies and processes to help you throughout your time at BGU. Click here to browse through our library.


IT Services

Our ​IT Team are responsible for providing and supporting the University's academic and administrative computing and networking infrastructure, telecommunications and audio-visual resources.

As a BGU student you will have access to a wide range of computer facilities which our IT team ensures are regularly upgraded to guarantee the best and most-up-to-date technology and systems available to you. Click here for more information on our IT and how to use it.


Student Advice

Our Student Advice team offers free, non-judgmental, confidential and professional services to current and prospective students. Our team are experienced and well equipped to help with any issue or concern you might be having. Click here to see the many ways in which they can help you through your BGU journey.


Supporting You

Our students are our top priority and we have many services, resources and departments in place to help you. We're able to offer support from your application through to graduation and beyond. Click here to


Supporting your Learning 

At BGU, we try to ensure that you have everything you need at hand to be able to learn and study effectively and to the best of your ability. We've got a great range of resources and support services to give you the inspiration, the information and the helping hand to get you started.


Student's Union

Our Students' Union is at the heart of our University. They are there to welcome you on your first day and are with you right through to graduation. They are your voice in the University, they are your peer support and they are there to show you how to have the best time possible at University.


Your Opportunities

Your learning experience at BGU doesn't have to be purely academic. We have so many opportunities for you to expand your academic and personal experiences from volunteering to entrepreneurship, travelling, fundraising and international visits. The possibilities are endless.


Careers and Employability

Our Careers and Employability Team are on hand throughout your time at BGU to help you develop your employability skills, identify and secure opportunities and become highly desirable to employers. We want to make sure that when you graduate you so knowing that you have received a quality education and are ready to face the working world with all the skills and experience you need. We're proud to be ranked 2nd highest University in the UK for Graduate Employability so you can be sure that your future is safe with us.


University Ceremonies

The Matriculation Ceremony is already establishing itself as a new tradition here at BGU and is set to become a regular feature on the University’s calendar, serving as an opportunity to officially welcome newly enrolled students to the BGU family.

Graduation is the biggest event of the year at Bishop Grosseteste University. Celebrations take place each July to mark the achievements of our students as they receive degrees and awards. Graduation takes place in the magnificent setting of Lincoln Cathedral. Following the ceremonies, celebrations are held on the University campus.   


What Our Students

Deciding to come to University can be a tough decision and there is a lot of information to take in and consider. We're sure that you will discover your natural habitat with BGU but don't just take our word for it. Have a read of what a few of our current students and graduates think about BGU.  

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