Ask A Student

Do you have questions about what it is really like to be a student? Have you heard about it from teachers, family and university staff but you want to know from the students first hand? Why not ask!

Simply email and get your questions answered by one of our current students in their first, second or third year.

You can ask about anything you want. Some of the frequent things they are asked about are:

  • What is it like in halls?
  • Which halls should I choose?
  • What societies can I join?
  • What should I bring with me for fresher’s week?
  • Is it easy to make friends?
  • Can I have visitors stay in halls with me?
  • When will I get my reading list?
  • How often would I have lectures?
  • Can I park on campus?
  • How often will I have work placement?
  • What are the tutors like?
  • Do you get help if you need it?
  • Should I get a part time job?
  • Are you allowed pets?

Remember, they were once in your position and so will be able to offer you their experience, advice and tips to getting on at BGU. They probably even had the same questions as you. Ask as many questions as you want. 

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