Research At BGU

The following profiles show some of the key researchers within Bishop Grosseteste University. Contact information and research interests are shown, with a link to their publications, research projects and other research-related information.

Professor Peter Neil

Vice Chancellor of Bishop Grosseteste University

E: | T: (01522) 583767

Research interests:

  • Language education
  • Theological education
  • Religious Education teaching
  • Special educational needs

View Peter's staff profile and list of recent publications

Professor David Rae

Executive Dean of Research and Knowledge Exchange

E: | T: (01522) 563827

Research Interests:

  • The Opportunity-Centred approach to entrepreneurial learning
  • Entrepreneurial leadership for sustainable economic and community development
  • Applying an entrepreneurial mindset to the US Engineering Education Ecosystem
  • Using narrative and interpretative methods in qualitative research
  • Applying momentary perspectives in human sense-making and learning
  • The contributions of Open Data to community economic development

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Professor Chris Atkin

Professor of Higher Education

E: | T: (01522) 583704

Research interests:

  • Rural education systems and structures
  • Policy and practice in post-school education and training
  • Adult literacy and numeracy
  • Comparative education
  • Sociology and education

Professor Muriel Robinson

Emeritus Professor of Digital Literacies


Research interests:

  • New media technologies and digital literacies in young children and in intending teachers
    Leadership and women in senior management

Current research projects:

  • 2008: Daiwa Foundation funded project exploring student capabilities in digital literacies in Japan and UK (also collaborating strand with University of South Australia, funded separately)

Professor Mike Cole

Emeritus Professor in Education and Equality


Research interests:

  • The relationship between Critical Race Theory and Marxism within educational theory
  • Racism, including non-colour-coded racism
  • Racism and education
  • Marxism and educational theory
  • Twenty-first century socialism in Venezuela

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Dr Kate Adams 

Head of Research
Reader in Education

E: | T: (01522) 583644

Research interests:

  • Children's Perceptions of Childhood
  • Children's Spirituality
  • Schools' approaches to children's spirituality, moral, social and cultural development
  • Education, Spirituality and the Whole Child 
  • Social Constructions of Childhood

View Kate's staff profile and list of recent publications 

Dr Olivia Sagan

Academic Co-ordinator for Psychology

E: T: (01522) 583755

Research Interests

  • Narrative psychology
  • Determinants of mental wellbeing
  • Mental illness and creativity
  • Psychosocial theory

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 Dr Karl Aubrey

Lecturer in Applied Studies

E: | T: (01522) 583629

Research interests:

  • Widening Participation
  • Further Education - Teacher Education
  • Education Policy

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Dr Pat Beckley

Academic Co-ordinator of 3-7 PGCE Primary

E: | T: (01522) 583784

Research interests:

  • Early Years approaches and issues
  • Globalisation and convergent policies

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Dr Ashley Compton

Lecturer in Primary Education

E: | T: (01522) 583725

Research interests:

  • Creativity
  • Initial teacher education
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Early years

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Dr Jack Cunningham

Academic Co-ordinator for Theology

E: | T: (01522) 583728

Research interests:

  • The Reformations in England, Ireland and Iceland
  • The use of myth in Early-Modern state building
  • The interchange between folk religion, superstition and established religion in Early-Modern Europe

Current research projects:

  • An exploration of how the mainstream confessions of Catholicism and Protestantism interacted with demotic, quasi-religious belief and practice in Medieval and Early-Modern Europe.

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Dr Alice Crossley

Senior Lecturer in English Literature


Research interests:

  • Victorian fiction; serialisation; the Bildungsroman
  • Masculinity
  • Age studies; youth and adolescence; childhood and children’s literature
  • The history of the valentine; nineteenth-century ephemera
  • Dialogue and speech in the Victorian novel; the politics of voice

Current projects:

  • Male Adolescence in Mid-Victorian Fiction: George Meredith, W.M. Thackeray and Anthony Trollope
  • Thackeray in Time: History, Memory, Modernity
  • George Meredith and His Circle: Intellectual Communities and Literary Network 

View Alice's staff profile and list of recent publications

Dr Sibylle Erle

Convenor of English Research Seminars
Senior Lecturer in English

E: | T: (01522) 583739

Research interests:

  • Character in the Romantic Period
  • The Reception of William Blake in Europe
  • Johann Caspar Lavater, physiognomy and problems of representation

View Sibylle's staff profile and list of recent publications

Dr Yvonne Hill

Academic Co-ordinator for PGCE Secondary with QTS

E: | T: (01522) 583730

Research interests:

  • Sociology of Education
  • Feminist Theory

View Yvonne's staff profile and list of recent publications

Elizabeth Hopkins

Lecturer in Education Studies

E: | T: (01522) 583773

Research interests:

  • Student and pupil voice
  • The use of media technologies to enhance pedagogy
  • Effective teaching and learning
  • Teaching writing skills
  • Vocational education

View Elizabeth's staff profile and list of recent publications

Dr Caroline Horton

Academic Coordinator for the PhD Programme
Senior Lecturer in Psychology

E: | T: (01522) 583770

Research interests:

  • Sleep dependent memory consolidation 
  • Dreaming reflecting consolidation
  • Functions of dream-wake continuity
  • Autobiographical memory
  • Director of DrEAMSLab

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Dr Adam Hounslow-Eyre

Priority Co-ordinator New Technologies and Computing
Senior Lecturer Education Studies

E: | T: 01522 585647

Research Interests:

  • New Technologies and Computing
  • Cambridge Primary Review Trust
  • Systems Thinking and Complexity.

View Adam's staff profile and list of recent publications.

Dr Andrew Jackson

Head of the School of Humanities

E: | T: (01522) 583694

Research interests:

  • History, geography and rural sociology
  • Nineteenth and twentieth-century rural and urban change
  • Theory and practice in community, local and regional history
  • Public history, and history and heritage education
  • Digitisation and e-learning
  • Newspaper and media learning
  • The histories of Lincoln, Lincolnshire and Devon

Current research projects:

  • 'Ermine News indexing and cataloguing project', funded by the Lincoln Record Society
  • Bernard Samuel Gilbert, Lincolnshire (home-front) poet, playwright, novelist and critic

View Andrew's staff profile and list of recent publications

Professor Jayne Mitchell

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)

E: | T: (01522) 583778 

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