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Expressing faith and spirituality: exploring our humanity

As a University with a faith foundation (BG has its roots in the Anglican or Church of England tradition) we endeavour to be a place and a community which encourages dialogue about faith, but which also seeks to integrate the dimension, insights and challenges of faith into the whole of life. A strong and visible reflection of our Christian inheritance is seen in the presence of a full time ordained chaplain and a chaplaincy team who make the offering of regular prayer and worship in the University a priority. With others, this ensures that there remains an ongoing cycle and community of prayer at the heart of our shared life at BG.

Other events and activities are aimed at recognising the wider picture of faith and its many expressions as well as building up fellowship in our community and encouraging the exploration of the spiritual dimension of our living and our learning.

Prayer requests

The Chaplain or members of the team are always happy to pray with you, or to offer prayers on your behalf for situations and people about whom you care, or are worried. We do this each day within the context of our morning prayer in chapel. If you'd like us to offer prayers for you, you can:

leave a request on the board in chapel send us an email

Finding a Worshipping Community/Faith Community

Chaplaincy annually produces a 'Local Churches & Faith Communities' booklet which gives both a self-description of a range of churches / communities and the contact details they have made available. This information may be helpful to individuals personally looking for somewhere to attend and worship, but can be equally useful for those who for educational, course-related or school placement reasons would like to make contact with a particular church or faith group. Copies of the booklet can be freely picked up in Chapel, or the Chaplaincy Office in the SU.

If there is anything within the document which you wish to follow up with a conversation either use the contact details you find there, or contact the chaplaincy team direct at, . If you consider any of the information to be incorrect, or no longer up-to-date, again please do contact the chaplaincy team so that this can be rectified.


In a community of learning which takes both faith and education seriously, we support and value opportunities for dialogue, listening and sharing between people of different faiths. This is presently expressed in the following ways:

maintaining informal links with the local Interfaith Forum actively supporting, and hosting, Lincoln's Council for Christian and Jews (CCJ), their events and dialogue meetings keeping, and seeking to extend, a register / contact list of those we can call upon to offer support, advise and information on local faith communities / issues as required and inviting individuals who represent a range of different Christian and other faith traditions to attend and/or contribute towards BG events and activities throughout the year

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